While I sat at home, knitting

While I sat at home, knitting,

Somewhere on a beach,

people lay under umbrellas

enjoying the sunshine

and sand.

While I sat at home, knitting,

People laughed and chatted

and exchanged jokes

with people they had

only just met.

While I sat at home, knitting

People who had saved all year

and endured the queues at airports

enjoyed their holidays

with people they loved.

While I sat at home, knitting

lives were changed forever

or lost, when evil visited

and blood stained the sand they’d

played in the day before.

While I sat at home, knitting

a boy sat trying to give comfort to

and get comfort from a woman who had been shot

while next to him his three relatives lay in the sand

beyond his help.

And all the time, I sat at home, knitting.