Dear People on Armistice Day

19760596-002-233x300Dear people in the Marie Curie shop,

There’s a song called “It’s a pittance of time”.

and it’s a pity you’ve never heard it, or if you have, you’ve never listened to the words.

This morning, when the lady in the  shop asked us to observe the two minutes silence, it seemed to me to be, as the song said, a pittance of time.

Two minutes to stand and remember the people who fought for you and gave their lives for the freedom you now enjoy.

After the two minutes silence was announced, a couple in their forties rushed out, practically running, in their haste to avoid having to stand still for two minutes, and no doubt disturbing the people outside, who were also observing the silence.

The woman across the aisle from me, in her sixties, who said “What for?” Then resentfully stood, but rifled surreptitiously through the nearest rack of clothes, disturbing the silence anyway.

Two minutes. It was a pittance of time.


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