A baby in a photograph,

A child I’ve never met

Loved and adored and longed for

and impossible to forget.

Christmas Eve and time for kids

watching for Santa’s sleigh;

Parents too, gazing at the sky

but wishing for Ella-Mae.

I sit in my home and look at

the child I never met

I shed a tear for the baby

who is impossible to forget.

Tomorrow when gifts are opened

and children laugh and play

There will still be a moment taken

To remember Ella-Mae.


Maple’s Garden

Maple’s Garden.

Maple’s Garden

In my mind there’s a wonderful garden

I can visit whenever I please;

It holds lots of plants and a river,

And a row of beautiful trees.

The main tree there is a maple;

Its roots grow strong and deep

And each of its branches holds hundreds of leaves

And each is a memory I keep.

Each bud that forms is a person

who means a lot to me

Most opened and grew

then fell to the ground

and were born to our family tree.

There’s one special bud

that stays on the branch

and never unfurlsWedding 015 in the world

Still precious, still loved and still perfect –

A beautiful, beautiful girl.

When I visit that lovely garden

and sit under our family tree

I look at that bud and remember

just what she means to me.

She’s the little girl we longed for

But she wasn’t meant to be;

She stays there in my garden,

Still a bud on our family tree.