Keep me safe, Daddy

Keep me safe, Daddy, Keep me safe.

Cuddle me when strange noises disturb my sleep

Or pain invades my body without warning.

Save me from monsters that lurk in the dark.

Keep me safe Daddy, keep me safe.

Keep me safe, Daddy, keep me safe.

Speak sternly when you need to,

But keep me safe when the world is a dangerous place

that I don’t yet understand.

Hold my hand, Daddy, Hold my hand

Keep me safe from dangers. Keep me safe

when strangers are a threat, or when water is deep

or cars move too fast.

Keep me safe Daddy, say no when you need to,

suffer my tears and shouts of rage

But use your own memories to keep me safe.

Keep me safe, Daddy, Keep me safe.

In loving memory of the Daddy who always held my hand and kept me safe, until the time when the roles were reversed, and I sat with him and held his hand, keeping him safe until he was taken home, to be with my Mother again.

George Denis Fouracres. 1st April 1925 – 3rd April 2003Dad