They bury Keith today.



He didn’t know that morning as

he dressed for work and planned his day

that evil also did the ordinary things

whilst planning.

Tourists said he smiled and posed

for photos,

Joked with children, just was there,


Today, as he makes his final journey

watched by thousands,

A thin blue line of police officers

will line the route, heads bowed

as he passes.

The gap where he should have been

closed up, tight, as they stand together.

Tomorrow another police officer

will step forward from the line,

will do the ordinary things

whilst planning his day,

and go and stand where

Keith, an ordinary man,

stood on the day that evil

came to call.


Than You for your service, PC Palmer.




It looked like a party

It looked like a party

the day we said goodbye;

People gathered together in the sunshine

Light sparkling on the water

and the scent of flowers.

Your children and their partners

greeted old friends with hugs and

offers of cups of tea,

and your husband busied himself

making sure all was perfect.

It looked like a party

the day we said goodbye;

Old friends kissed and reminisced

and asked for reminders of names

long forgotten.

It looked like a party

the day we said goodbye;

We walked beside you along the canal,

jazz playing, a train hooting an acknowledgement

as it passed on an adjacent track.

At the end of the towpath

men carried you from your last trip on the canal

to a car.

It didn’t seem like a party any more.