I’m a moany old thing!

I like the fact that I live in a country where, provided I have the money, I can buy anything I want, whenever I want. There are shops nearby that will sell me a new kettle ten minutes after my old one has given in and gone to appliance heaven.

If I fancy chocolate, I can even nip into the shop at the petrol station. Forgotten a birthday? Buy flowers online, and they’ll be delivered within hours. I love the fact that I don’t have to trek round a town centre comparing prices. It’s a consumers world.

So why does it annoy me so much that the shops are being over helpful and providing things for me to buy when I really don’t even want to think about them yet? I’m referring to Christmas stuff in October, and Easter eggs immediately Christmas is over. In our local supermarket they had an enormous pile of cream eggs just near the door on Boxing Day. Why? Who wants to think about Easter eggs when we’re still in the middle of Christmas? Most of us are still ploughing through the Christmas chocolates at that time.

Now, here we are two weeks before St Valentine’s day, and for at least a week shops have been displaying heart shaped dishes, soppy teddies and cake tins ready for you to make your other half the squidgy chocolate heart shaped cake, that your magazine has persuaded you is the thing he wants most.

When the school summer holidays start, parents are bombarded with adverts for school uniforms for the following school year. The poor kids have barely had time to get out on their scooters when they’re being dragged into town by mothers panicked into buying school clothes before the shops sell out.

Once they are back at school, then the shops fill up with horrible American influenced hallowe’en gear. Films like ET have a lot to answer for….hallowe’en used to be a time when you’d stay in with the curtains shut, just in case your mum was wrong when she said there was no such thing as a ghost.

Before hallowe’en even arrives  the fireworks have appeared in the shops, and night after night we are subjected to bangs and flashes as people decide to have a firework party. Firework displays can be wonderful. A few fireworks in your back garden, not so great. There was a time when you could take your nervous dog to the vet for a sedative on November 4th, in preparation for the following nights festivities. Not now, the poor animal just has to suffer, or spend a month under sedation.

And of course in the middle of all this, the shops have got their Christmas displays up, and pubs are advising you to book your office parties, and so it goes, on and on…


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