Genes will out

I had a long break from my blog because basically, I was sulking after the website lost my work. It’s so disheartening to write for over two hours, and then find it was all for nothing. 

I can’t believe that it’s already a week since we returned home after a lovely holiday in Cornwall. We stayed in a really nice holiday park near St Austell. We chose it mainly because we wanted to revisit The Eden project…last visited seven years ago, when we spent our honeymoon in St Ives.

Eden was as beautiful as ever, and we spent a very happy day there. I’d recommend it if you haven’t been. We were less impressed with The Lost gardens of Heligan, though to be fair, we didn’t see all of it. I think perhaps we had visions of something different, and it didn’t live up to those expectations. if you’re very fit and up to walking longish distances on a very hilly site, you’d probably love it, but we weren’t up to that on that particular day. I think you’d need your walking boots as well, though that isn’t necessary on the paths that we took that day.

At the end of our holiday, we went to Weymouth to stay with my cousin Lesley and her partner Clive, who are running their first B&B (The Alendale Guest House, in case you want a few days away.)

This was the first time Lesley and I had met. Our other cousin, Trudy, had traced Lesley through Genes Reunited. Trudy’s Grandfather, my Grandfather, and Lesley’s Great Grandfather were brothers. I don’t know what grade of cousins that makes us, but I don’t care. We feel like family to me. I don’t know how Lesley feels, but she and Clive made us feel so welcome, and it felt just like visiting family we’ve always known.

Perhaps “genes will out”, as they say, or perhaps our Grandfathers are up there somewhere looking down on us and are happy that we are bringing the family back together again. In fact if we brought all the “Fouracres” clan together it would be an enormous get-together. We are a large family, and although I know my aunts and uncles, sadly I haven’t even met most of my cousins….perhaps one day…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen Limbert
    Sep 25, 2017 @ 22:58:38

    Hi, I think i am also a cousin, my 96 year old gran, my mum’s mum, is Iris Fouraces, daughter of Lionel.


  2. elsieshufflebottom
    Sep 26, 2017 @ 08:30:11

    Hi Karen, lovely to hear from you! We will all have to meet up some day. xxx


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