It’s hard when two becomes one.

I wrote this in response to a woman on an internet forum, who seems trapped in a marriage that has run out of steam. There is nothing lonelier than to be in a marriage where the love and communication has gone.

The computer in the corner

is always on, it seems.

he sits and hides his feelings

and ignores her hopes and dreams.

At night they go their separate ways

no time to hold or chat

no comparing of their days

no talk of this or that.

No money to spend

no places to go

No interests in common

No love to show.

She tries to knit

and hide her tears

at night she reads

to forget her fears.

The passion has gone

though friendship stays

her loneliness grows

through the endless days.

As the years pass by

more tears she’ll cry

loneliness grows day by day

no kissing no sharing no loving,

and really, nothing to say.

There’s nothing so lonely as life with your man

when the caring and sharing have gone

and it’s scary to stay and it’s scary to go

and it’s hard when two becomes one.


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