My daughter is moving soon, and when she said on Facebook that she ought to think about packing some stuff, I realised that procrastination is something else she’s inherited from me…along with great physical and mental beauty, of course!

When I was younger I would do the odd Wedding or Christening cake for people, and I would get into such a panic that I’d even have nightmares about it. In my dreams, cakes would collapse, icing would disappear, and brides would phone from their reception, asking where their cake was. I’d be in a panic, wondering how I could make, ice, and deliver a cake within an hour. I’d wake up, relieved that it had only been a dream, and often that would be the trigger for me to get up and start working on a cake.

I’m still the same now. I promise myself that I will get things done early so that I’m not rushing round at the last minute, but then the time arrives and guess who is standing ironing the tablecloth half an hour before guests arrive for dinner?

I tend to think things through too much. For instance, it’s beautiful weather today. I want to go out on my bike, but I haven’t ridden it since last autumn. All I have to do is get it out of the shed and get going, but already I’m thinking that there are parts of the route to the shopping centre that I’m riding to, that are steep, that I managed last year but won’t manage today. I imagine the whole route, and worry about the top part of the path that I may have to walk instead of riding up. So here we are, nearly 11 am, and I haven’t even looked at my bike yet. I know I should just get on with it, but I just can’t make myself get out there.

Actually, if I’d got up at 6.30, when I first woke up, I’d probably have just gone then, because I wouldn’t have given myself time to think about it.

So here I am, sitting here instead of getting the bike out, getting more worried about the hills that I’ll probably manage anyway…….. I think I’ll just get another cup of coffee..



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