Time for another Dear So and So.

Dear Neighbour,

We smile and say hello, and comment on the weather, but we don’t really chat. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable saying this in person, but it’s really nice to have you and your son next door, especially after some of the people who lived in your house before you.

There was the woman who seemed nice at first, but who didn’t seem to learn by her mistakes. She continued to pile rubbish outside the back of her house, even after a firework landed in it, and caused a house fire. Not nice when you consider our house is joined to yours.

Then there was the young couple with a small girl. They were nice, but decided to buy a puppy, which only went outside when they put it in the back garden, or when it escaped when they opened the front door. The poor little thing was never taken out for a walk. One day it escaped and got into our back garden, where it broke some plants and chased our poor 22 year old cat, who was so scared she ended up on the top of a seven feet high pergola, sides heaving with the effort. We had to lift her down. The next day the puppy dug his way out of their garden and came into ours again. My husband had to put him back and block his escape route with planks. A week later they rehomed the puppy, thankfully. I hope he has a better life, with people who take him out for walks.

When you moved in we were really pleased to see that you cared about your new home. You decorated and you put plants in your front border, and best of all, you put your dustbins at the back of the house! thank you for being nice, friendly quiet neighbours.

Dear Bus Driver,

Thank you for stopping to pick me up today. I know it’s your job, but I appreciate it. It was a nice safe journey, too, so thanks for that. Just one thing though, when I got on and said “Hello!” and gave you a big smile as I showed you my bus pass, it would have been nice to have had some sort of response. But no, there was nothing. No smile. No hello. No eye contact. Just a ticket.

Dear Manager of PC World,

Don’t let Paul with the “Images Consultant” badge deal with the public. He’s rubbish at it.



<a href=”http://3bedroombungalow.blogspot.com/” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Dear So and So…” src=”http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm61/badassgeek/3BB/dearsoandso_button.jpg“/></a>


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