The scourge of the solar panel and other sins.

Now I know there are sound financial reasons to have them, and that they may help to save the earth, but I hate Solar panels with a passion!

Where we live, in the South of England, there are some really beautiful houses. All of a sudden there has been an epidemic of solar panels. These ugly monstrosities ruin the look of any house, but putting them on the roof of a stunning building, seems especially sinful. 

It wouldn’t be so bad if the panels were on the back of the house, but seen from the road, they really hit you, and make it difficult to see anything else about the property. If you’re buying a house, first impressions count, and I’d find it very off putting – I probably wouldn’t look any further than the front gate.

What else do I hate? Gravel drives. I definitely hate gravel drives. You can’t walk on them with nice shoes on, because the gravel will ruin the heels, and your car gets a sprinkling of little stones in the foot wells.

I don’t like venetian blinds either. They get dusty and are difficult to clean. I especially don’t like them in sitting room windows. I had them in the kitchen here for a while, but I always pulled them right up during the day. If you don’t pull them up they restrict both the view and the light.

I don’t like going into houses where it looks as if you’ve walked into a ‘Next’ homes department, where all the ornaments are the same as your next door neighbour’s, because she’s a ‘Next’ fan as well.

And I especially don’t like designer Christmas trees, where all the baubles are the same shape and colour. That is a store decoration, not a Christmas tree.

I’m sure that if I think hard I can find lots of other things that I dislike, but having insulted lots of people already, perhaps I’d better shut up!



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